Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad And The Swift In This Week’s Reader Comments

Sep 3rd, 2010 // Comment

This week we were rocked by Kanye West’s remix of Justin Bieber’s “Runaway Love,” rolled by Taylor Swift’s “Mine” video, shaken by Kylie Minogue’s “Get Outta My Way” video and stirred by the poster for upcoming Christina Aguilera/Cher flick Burlesque. Head below to see how our readers reacted to all this pop racket.

:: Marilyn kicked us to the curb on Mary J. Blige Tries To Get Down With “Break Up To Make Up”: “Wow…the author/ and editor-in-chief needs to be fired for posting this irrelevent and useless article… How dare u accuse an artist of Mary’s caliber of releasing something so elementary. The mere mentioning of this as a single, only makes u sond like a bitter, disgruntled, underpaid, attention-whore.”

Taylor Swift Mine music video:: Marc, however, felt Marilyn should clean out her ears: “so, what about the awful lyrics and boring chorus? when a song sucks, it sucks.”

:: Steve wasn’t feeling the amore on Watch Taylor Swift Fall In Love (What Else?) In Her “Mine” Music Video: “I don’t know I’m not really impressed. I feel like with someone with her amount of talent at writing a golden chorus should be able to venture out with subject matter a little bit.”

:: Lisa also piped up: “Wow, not really a TS fan but I was curious to see the new video. I really like it! Now, if someone could just fix her voice for when she sings live.”

:: Amelia Gaona displayed symptoms of Bieber fever on Listen To Kanye West And Raekwon’s Remix Of Justin Bieber’s “Runaway Love”: “Justin you r one sexy hottie! ! ! love you xoxooxox”

Burlesque Cher Chistina Aguilera:: M was a fighter who believed in Xtina and Cher on Two Ghosts Star In Burlesque: “Even if the movie is a flop, who cares; most artist serve up a flop or two in there career. Christina has talent and when all else fails, she’ll fall back on her talent.”

:: JH was dazzled by Kylie Minogue Is All Color And Lights In Her “Get Outta My Way” Video: “Elegantly poptastic! And yeah, she totally brought it with the shoes, not to mention the hair. Loves it!”

:: And vertigoshtick conceded the following on the same post: “I don’t care for the song, but it’s her best video in years. And she looks better at 41/42 than most 20-somethings!”

:: highmigh seemed to be inventing a new language on Selena Gomez Showers Us With “A Day Without Rain” Video Stills: “Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,here are so hot and sexy girl, i see her photo and like her beutiness”

:: COMMENT OF THE WEEK — Finally, this week we chose a zinger that came in from nffcnnr via Twitter, regarding Ace Of Base’s Upcoming Album The Golden Ratio Gets A Release Date: “So let me get this straight…Ace of Base is the Swedish version of Menudo?”

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