Adam Lambert Kisses Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears While Katy Perry Watches

Now that’s a headline you don’t get to write every day. The Scissor Sisters uploaded another episode of their faux news program, and the lead story featured footage of frontman Jake Shears smooching glam-pop’s newest entrant, Adam Lambert, while third-wheel Katy Perry delivers her patented shocked face. Glambert denies ever doing anything with Mr. Shears, but the boys’s brief backstage tryst is caught on tape for our enjoyment. Watch below!

The not-so-cladestine smoocheroo took place backstage at New York’s Terminal 5 after the Scissters’ show. We know this was filmed just for fun and giggles, but seriously—hot. Maybe Adam can open for the Scissor Sisters opening for Lady Gaga? That concert would be like a Babushka doll of fab-pop awesomeness!

  • Sarah

    Agreed – HOT!!!

  • Christie

    Or….. Maybe the SS can open for Gaga opening for Adam. There. Fixed it for you.

  • brownie


  • http://facebook emily ann oakes

    omg im crying cause he done that sooo uposetting wonder what tommy thought

  • JLM

    HOT!!!! Jake and Adam you can snog for us anytime!! Funny!~!!!

  • stephanie


  • Estephania

    OMG! WTF? wow so unexpeected look at them they look soooo into it and look at Katy Perry LOLzzz.
    …………. SHOCKED…

  • Glambert4ever

    why can’t you guys just leave adam alone, what he does off stage is none of our buisness.

  • love.bug

    this is hot go Adam

  • Dr.Predator

    This is what Adam should do over and over again! Yes!