JoJo Slips On A Blindfold For Her Sultry “In The Dark” Video keeps delivering with the JoJo goods. After offering up her new single “In The Dark” last week (not to mention her full Can’t Take That Away From Me mixtape this past Tuesday), along comes the premiere of the sultry music video for the sexy track. Watch the Nicole Ehrlich/Clarence Fuller-directed clip, which has Ms. Levesque blindfolded and frolicking with a hunky blond boy toy, after the jump. notes that JoJo’s vid was initially shot in color but it was later decided to switch to black and white. Good choice! The site also says “JoJo opted to go a more minimalistic route, pulling inspiration from Madonna’s early obscure work.”

This almost gives us a “Justify My Love” meets George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex” vibe, too—albeit on a budget. Still, JoJo’s all grown up now (well, okay, she’s only 19), and it’s good to see her taking a more sensuous, symbolic route when it comes to conveying sexuality rather than all-out licking milk out of a bowl and donning vinyl thongs.

Keep up the good work, JoJo. Gone, apparently, are the days of bubblegum pop like “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little, Too Late.” But we like this new direction you’re heading in.

Just one thing, though—you might want to take the blindfold off at some point because you’re about to walk right into the… Ouch. Too late.