Enrique Iglesias And Nicole Scherzinger Feel Each Other’s “Heartbeat” In New Video

Between JoJo’s “In The Dark” and now Enrique Iglesias and Nicole Scherzinger’s “Heartbeat,” this is turning out to be one sexy morning when it comes to hot-‘n-heavy music videos. The latter pair strip down for a strobing light show in their new clip. We also see them singing in a mirrored room reminiscent of the one used in Alex Gardner’s “I’m Not Mad” vid from earlier this year. Watch below.

“Heartbeat” is a fragile, beautiful track that finds Iglesias teaming up once more with Mark Taylor, the British writer-producer behind some of the Spanish heartthrob’s biggest hits (“Bailamos,” “Be With You,” “Hero”).

And as we’ve noted before, this pulsating mid-tempo jam is a lot more captivating than anything Nicole’s produced with the Pussycat Dolls in awhile.

As for the video, anything that gets these two to whip off the clothing is always a good thing. Fingers crossed that “Heartbeat” winds up being another “I Like It”-sized smash.