Whitney Houston Crowned The Greatest Diva Of All Time

The word “diva” gets thrown around a lot when describing female songstresses like Mariah Carey, Celin Dion and Beyoncé, but there can only be one true commanding prima donna that upstages them all. Using categories such as “Taking The Listener On An Emotional Journey”, “Iconic Song/Moment”, and “Hand Gestures”, The Awl got all scientific in their quest to identify music’s greatest diva. It was a close race, but Whitney Houston nabbed the all-time top honor, besting Aretha Franklin by a Super Bowl performance. [The Awl]

  • Maria

    Whitney Houston truly is one of the most captivating people I’ve ever seen. Can’t take your eyes off her! What a voice! And beautiful too. I do agree that she is the greatest DIVA of all. She’s got it all.

  • http://www.classicwhitney.com Nikkifire

    I love Whitney, but her fans over at Classic Whitney make it very hard to have a community where mature thoughts and critiques of her current state are had. I reckon it’s because their leader (Manish) is akin to Adolf (Hitler that is).

  • EAL

    I love Whitney, there is nothing like her voice and nobody will ever top her. I am happy that people still appreciate all she has been through and remember her achievments and awards, after all she is the most awarded female artist! She is beyond beautiful, talented and Blessed, she is the greatest Diva!

    And Nikkifire, why are you so hard on Whitney fans? They have their opinion too, it sounds to me like you were there, spoke more than your mind, aggrivated people to the point where you arent welcomed there. Thats my guess. Lord, I hope thats not why you commented on this article. Get over it.

  • Princess P.

    The jury has spoken and they got it right. Whitney Houston is the best. She embodies everything a diva is.

  • mrsoulshock


  • The Voice

    Whitney is truly the best ever!!! I love her even more live because the song comes alive!!! And she makes you feel the emotion she has in her soul, make you feel the meaning of it all. I was no fan of the Star Spangle Banner. but after she sang it and the way She sang it made me reflect on its words….made me feel the battles and sacrifices that people have gave for our country, How we have become and where we still strive to go.

    One Moment In Time…Vocals made me speechless….Miricale…OMG……I will Always Love You…..When she sang “In Return” in Japan was epic, When she Sang I have Nothing in South Africa……..I could go on and on.

    No booty shaking, no putting on Bathing suites, not a million dancers on the stage…..Just real music that made you feel good and lift you up. And above all I love Whitney because no matter the state of her voice she gave you all she had!!! I can appreciate that….MUCH LOVE WHITNEY!!!!!!

  • microbaby6

    She is the best singet to ever walk the planet I LUV U WHITNEY !!!!!!!!!!

  • Louise Pryor

    I am a fan of both Aretha and Whitney. But, I think that the #1 diva is Aretha Franklin. Whitney is next in line. Folks, you got to look at how long Aretha Franklin has endured. Whitney is in her 40′s and may have reached her peak. I pray she can continue to perform, but, she has to get it together. She needs to rest her voice for a few years, and discontinue performing for the same period of time before she ruins her career.That last concert tour overseas was absolutely pathetic. Whitney fans must realize, she is not well yet. Aretha Franklin is still performing. Anyone who attends her concerts will tell you her voice is still of high quality. She can still sing the pants off of most of our female performers today. She is older, has a weight problem, but, hands down, she is the ultimate, ground breaking, door opening, hits in every decade sense the 60′s, award winning, give her some respect, Diva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TLB

    Whitney Houston is the greatest there will ever be and everyone knows it and to you Louise Pryor Whitney’s last album was one of the biggest albums of 09 if not the biggest and her concert’s over seas is one of the highest grossing concerts of 2010 so I don’t think she has ruined anything and just like you said Whitney is in her 40s late 40s to be exact I think its to late for her to ruin her career maybe if she was in her 20s but not late 40s and still with all the drama in her personal life and negative media coming at her she still can sell albums and concert tickets while others old and young cant sorry but no one can say that about Aretha Franklin by the way what has Aretha done lately is she still around if so I have not seen a lot or heard of her of resent but Whitney keeps on going no matter what now that is a true diva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • supermariah

    I miss her voice..WHITNEY and MARIAH should record a new When you believe part 2 ..ASAP!!

  • ronald harolds

    mariah should be the greatest diva of all timecoz’ even to there she still reigns not just like whitney,lost her voice and grappling to come back in the music race in 2009 but failed because of her respiratory infection and drug addiction and mariah sold more than an albums than whitney i dont want to defame whitney or derogate her but its the truth nobody can beats the 5 to 7th octave vocal range of mariah,the queen of the minimalist and many others she is the only songbird supreme and according to some music critics if you search the word diva thename that will appear is only MARIAH CAREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!