Weezer Teams Up With A Bunch Of Jackasses For Their “Memories” Video

Sep 9th, 2010 // Comment

Weezer teamed up with the sick individuals behind the upcoming ball-busting, injury-reveling Jackass 3-D to film the “old-school skate jam” clip for their single “Memories” (which also appears on the film’s soundtrack). As MTV Buzzworthy points out, Rivers Cuomo and head jackass Johnny Knoxville have been buddies since the 90s, so this pairing isn’t as odd as you might think. Throw on your favorite flannel, kick back your rad hacky sack, and enjoy the 90s-tastic video below!

“[In] ’91, ’92, we were hanging out together in Hollywood,” Cuomo told MTV on-set of the video. “Johnny Knoxville was known as ‘PJ’ back then, and I remember playing basketball with him a lot back then. He was like this good-looking, aspiring-actor guy, but for some reason, he was super sweet and nice to me, which I thought was interesting. He had nice manners.”

“It really is a legendary spot,” Jackass director Jeff Tremaine said of the vid’s location set in an empty pool. “It made sense once we decided what we were doing. It’s from The Search for Animal Chin, a legendary skate video from back in the ’80s — ’87 or ’86 — that the Bones Brigade made. That was Tony Hawk’s team. They filmed in here, and it became an old, classic skate spot.”

Weezer – “Memories”

Rivers Cuomo recently told MTV that the track “Memories” reflects the camaraderie he feels with his band mates and how he missed being on the road with them.

“I had been married for a few months and had been in school for the semester before that, and basically I had been away from the band and the rock world for a while,” he said. “I was really missing it, and just sitting there alone in my room missing the fans and missing my band, so ‘Memories’ is about getting back in there.”

So, as we first suspected from both the lyrics and the album’s cover art, it’s not about Lost.

If you’re feeling even more nostalgic for a simpler time (we know we are today with our look back at the VMA picks from the 90s), the band unveiled their 90s-inspired line with surfer clothing company Hurley. Pick up a puffy vest and remember just how awesome Weezer’s Spike Jonze-directed “Buddy Holly” video is, even if it didn’t win the Moonman for best video of 1995.

Hurley drops on September 14.


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