Fantasia Tears Up On ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

Fantasia has bounced back from her recent suicide attempt with aplomb—the American Idol champ has already been making the rounds on the talk show circuit, delivering fantastic performances of songs off her new record Back To Me like a consummate professional. Though we can’t blame her for getting a bit emotional during her interviews—the singer wasn’t able to hold back her tears while discussing her recent troubles on The Wendy Williams Show this afternoon. Watch the interview below.

Fantasia isn’t allowed to say much about her affair with Antwaun Cook because of the lawsuit against her (filed by Cook’s wife Paula). Wendy, unashamed of “going there” in the middle of a serious discussion, asks if ‘Tasia is having “regular sex.” Hey, at least she lightened the mood before Fantasia’s mood goes south.

Fantasia takes her shoes off to dig into rumors about her absences during her run of The Color Purple, and discusses how alone and helpless she felt preceding her drug overdose.

There’s something a bit off to us about promoting your album and your reality show almost in the same breath as discussing your fairly recent suicide attempt—it’s not as though we think Fantasia is actively sponging the drama from her personal life simply so she can get press—that’s what her reality show is doing already, isn’t it? We’re certain that the public is more interested in hearing Fantasia talk about her struggles than what kind of songs are on her album, so at least she’s not afraid to open up and talk about the elephant in the room everyone’s really thinking about. It’s pretty much the anti-thesis of what Rihanna did (stay completely silent for months) following her late-night incident with Chris Brown back in 2009.

Check out Fantasia’s performance of “I’m Doing Me” from her new album Back To Me (which is still holding steady in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200).

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