Travie McCoy’s “We’ll Be Alright” Video Is A Total Party Foul

Sep 14th, 2010 // 8 Comments

Here’s what you need to know about Travie McCoy’s latest Smeezingtons-produced single “We’ll Be Alright”: its melody is based around Supergrass’ far superior 1995 Britpop hit “Alright” and it’s about partying. The music video only enhances the obnoxious factor by sticking the camera in McCoy’s face while he mugs annoyingly for a painfully long three minutes. Bravo! Watch below.

Sorry, Travie—that was like the biggest buzzkill you can imagine. Why don’t you go outside and toast some marshmallows or something while we really get the party started by watching Supergrass’ video instead.


  1. Can anyone think of anything BUT ‘Clueless’ when they hear this song? I know I can’t.

  2. Amy

    Oh, and sorry, but Travie’s song beats the original by a mile.Just sayin’!

  3. Amy

    I love, love, love this song!

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