Kelly Rowland’s “Rose Colored Glasses” Video: She Deserves A Smash Hit

We hope two things happen now that Kelly Rowland’s Rankin-directed “Rose Colored Glasses” music video has premiered: 1.) you like it and show Miss Kelly some love on iTunes, and 2.) radio programmers in this fine country open their ears and show Miss Kelly major love on the airwaves. Catch the vid for her moving Dr. Luke-produced ballad after the jump!

Kelly looks truly stunning in this video, from the opening shot of her wearing a dress shirt and tie to the couture dresses she vamps in expertly. But more importantly, this song has “hit” written all over it. Surely the timing is right—especially with all the other singles Dr. Luke has had a hand in dominating the charts—for Rowland to be allowed into the spotlight once more.

And here we didn’t think Kelly could top performing live with Ace Of Base this week!

  • John

    Kelly’s label has really messed up the promotion of the new album. It’s clear whoever is setting up the launch has no idea how to work multiple territories. “Rose” was released to radio TWO MONTHS ago, and they’re just releasing the video now. Why not time these things a bit closer? As I said elsewhere, the song has already peaked at Top 40 radio, but maybe a groundswell could help give it a push. Thanks for beating the drum.

  • ZMH

    it hurts to realize this destiny’s child has such big talent and commitment to good music but nobody seems to care. shame, shame, shame!!! I probably shouldn’t drag beyonce into this but I’ll have her replaced by ms.kelly any day.

  • jakiya

    OMG i love me some justin bieber

  • vertigoshtick

    Kelly’s new stuff is killer, and there is such great potential for her next album now that she’s split with her old management and producing team…but like John said, her new label just can’t seem to get it together either. The six or seven singles leaked or released this year (many of which probably won’t make the album) – from the great R&B jams “Grown Woman,” “Rose Colored Glasses” and “Each Other” (with Rico Love) to the upbeat affirmation “Shake Them Haters Off” to the banging David Guetta-assisted dance hit “Commander” – would even by themselves as an EP have more good stuff than most recent pop album releases. But nothing’s been released, nor promoted, nor even scheduled affirmatively…and, frankly, the videos for “RCG” and “Commander” are both terrible!

    Kelly has put up with enough in her career. An artist with her talent should at least get one fair shake at making it.