David Archuleta Previews New Track “Stomping The Roses” In His Video Blog

As he did last week, the generous angel of music known as David Archuleta previewed two songs from his album The Other Side Of Down in a video blog on his official website. Jump below to check out Archie discussing the back story behind writing “Something ‘Bout Love“, and listen to a preview of the totally new, never-heard-before track “Stomping The Roses” while David takes a touristy horsey ride around Central Park! Giddyup!

“Something ‘Bout Love”, claims Archie, was written while up on a rooftop, with “pigeons as company.”

The upbeat, cheery tune “Stomping The Roses” actually started off with a beautiful piano melody, but David explains none of the 88 keys made it into the cut of the finished track.

The Other Side Of Down drops October 5, as though you don’t already have that day furiously circled in red on your calendar.

  • Violet

    Stomping the Roses sounds really good! I’m very excited about the album! BTW if anyone has trouble viewing the type of video in the article, here’s what works for me – click the picture of a chain to the left of Get Link (in the bottom bar of the video window). That will open another little window with a button to Copy Link – press that. Now paste that link into the address bar of a fresh Browser tab and go to that address. It seems to load much better for many people that way.

  • Jen

    Oh, I love David sharing his new songs with us and they sound fabulous! He is indeed a generous angel of music. Love everything I’ve heard from him and his new album will be incredibly good! I absolutely do have Oct. 5th marked on my calendar and in my brain!

  • Irene

    Was he eating while talking? He is really something! Love him and love his music!!

  • http://davidarchuletafanscene.com china80


    So far all the tracks that we’ve heard on “The Other Side of Down” are awesome. They are all different, great lyrics, great message, great music and David’s voice is to die for!!

    I have his 1st CD, his “Christmas From The Heart” CD, already pre-ordered “The Other Side of Down” and I am so looking forward to his next CD which we all hope will be a Spanish CD!!

    David’s voice is beautiful in English, but in Spanish is just sooooo romantic!!!