Katy Perry Goes Back To High School, Disses The Popular Kid

Sep 15th, 2010 // 4 Comments

Yesterday, Katy Perry made a heroine’s return to her alma mater, Dos Pueblos High School in Santa Barbara, to perform some of her hit tracks—and to get the last laugh, apparently. TMZ has footage of her pointing out the popular kid from her graduating class who happened to be in the crowd. “You never wanted to date me,” Katy said from the stage, before dedicating her song “UR So Gay” to him. Burn! Jump below for more live clips of Katy’s high school reunion.

Here she is performing “California Gurls”:

And here’s a little on-scene action, featuring some super excited students (who are probably more excited to get the day off from attending class than spending their newly acquired free time listening to Katy Perry):

Katy herself had one thing on her mind while performing her candy-flavored cornucopia of tracks: snacks! Do they still serve those warm soft chocolate chip cookies here? #hungry #DOSPUEBLOS”


  1. Bill

    So classy! And so typically heterosexual.

    Not a thought or care in the world for the millions of gay people you degrade in your sophomoric attempts to degrade each other.

    Stay classy, heterosexuals.

    ALWAYS stay classy.

  2. Big Pun

    Maybe I’m just turning into more of a prude now that I’m getting older and have kids of my own, but it seems terribly inappropriate for her to play some of these songs to high school students. I like the new album quite a bit, but tracks such as Peacock and Last Friday Night are decidedly adults-only.

  3. J

    Someone should either clean her mouth out or dirty it like, “It’s never been dirtied before….” -If she wants to shyse on someone in the crowd, “Well open up your little ol’ mouth miss Katy and let the fans take a turn back.” Point….hmmm?…Yes.

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