Kylie Minogue Shows ‘Miss Italia’ How To Be A Goddess

We’re usually on top of Kylie Minogue (so to speak) when it comes to new performances from the Australian diva, but somehow we missed this one at the Miss Italia competition on Monday. (Forgive us—we were in a post-MTV VMAs stupor.) Glammed-up Kylie showed the Italian audience a bit of la dolce vita by belting out her two Aphrodite singles “Get Outta My Way” and “All The Lovers.” Watch below!

Kylie brings out the dancers and chairs for “Get Outta My Way.”

Next it’s sexy human pyramid time for “All The Lovers.”

Incidentally, Francesca Testasecca was officially crowned Miss Italia 2010. Kylie, however, continues to reign as our favorite Aussie pop queen.

[Via The Prophet Blog]