Taylor Momsen Strips Down The Street In The Pretty Reckless’ “Make Me Wanna Die”

Before you watch the Pretty Reckless’ new video for “Make Me Wanna Die”, their 90s-style alt track, let us remind you that Taylor Momsen is still 17-years old. Which means she is not legal. Which means you really shouldn’t be staring at her like that, even if she does decide to strip down to a totally inappropriate set of lingerie while prancing around what appears to be the apocalypse. Got it? Good. Vid below.

Pretty Reckless — “Make Me Wanna Die”

We’re sure there is a positively reasonable explanation for Madonna’s favorite Gossip Girl character to be wandering around in an outfit she picked up from her neighborhood Frederick’s of Hollywood. And we’re certain is has nothing to do with shocking people to get attention. (Sidenote: did the Lil Pyromaniac on the band’s album cover start that fire?)

Picture 2

Again: not legal. But you know who now is? Nick Jonas, who turned 18 yesterday! So go to town fantasizing about the JoBro, folks!

  • http://www.friskyboy.com Norman Rogers

    Hello? Age of consent?

    I believe Taylor can get married in at least forty American states; I believe the age of consent allows for her, and for her dowry, to be transferred to the family of the young man who provides shelter and clothing for her. I don’t think she needs to be 18 to be married in Alabama. I think that, in Alabama, you can still get married when you’re 12. I could be wrong on that.

    Either way, what an “ick” factor.