Rihanna Is Rainbow Bright In The “Who’s That Chick” Video

Rihanna, draped in a hodgepodge of bright colors ripped from sticker giantess Lisa Frank’s imagination, looks like she’s having the most fun she’s had in ages dancing around the video for her David Guetta collaboration, “Who’s That Chick.” It’s so refreshing to see RiRi smiling and ready to party after her gun-weilding, lake-drowning, loving-the-way-you-lie humorless somber phase. Watch the high-spirited dance party clip below!

Rihanna – “Who’s That Chick”

Seriously, this video looks like the inside of my sticker book I had in 6th grade. All that’s missing is a cameo from Lady Gaga’s unicorn tattoo and Adam Lambert’s cover art.

  • Colin

    Awesome tune. Very upbeat and makes me want to get up and dance! Although I loved Rihanna’s ‘depressing dark’ side, this song and Only Girl does make me long for her new album and some cheerfull music for in the winter!

  • XY

    What the hell was that??

  • R’sha

    Oh the irony. She sings about dancing and we all know she can’t do that. This song not only proves she can’t dance … she can’t sing. Take a break …. go home and visit mamma.

  • R’sha

    get the umbrella ella and fly that thing to Barbados. Shameful…

  • Nyomi

    you think she would have learned from that awful video – Rude Boy…. riding a zebra backwards. Whats that supposed to signify. I’m keeping my young girl away from her.

  • Crystal

    This is pathetic. It seems like ever since Lady GaGa somehow got famous, the quality of music has gone down the drain. Rihanna used to actually be a good artist/singer, now shes just like everyone else trying to stand out with looking like she doesnt own a damn mirror. When will this phase end?! I want some music worth listening to again…sometime this decade would be nice.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lee-Yasir/1118124451 Lee Yasir

    ok, first off, she can dance, watch her earlier videos where she was dancing. secondly, she can sing, obviously, she wouldnt have been around as long as she has if she couldnt. who wants to hear ballads and deep, whiney lyrics all the time? sometimes you just want to listen to something that makes you feel good and actually makes you want to dance. rihanna did that in this song, as well as rude boy. you cant deny that she has been churning out hit after hit, and if you dont like it, then dont listen, just as simple as that. regardless if you like her music or not, shes gonna make money, because for every one person that dislike her music, about 9-10 really do appreciate it

  • Z

    I like this song. I love the dance direction several artists are starting to take. Dance music is coming out of the woodwork and I ADORE it!

    The video reminds me of K-Pop stuff – bright colours with the comic book words popping all over the place. I think she just wanted a fun video that doesn’t have to make sense. How many people actually watch videos anymore? I’m not quite sure why they even still make them TBH.

  • Doritos

    “Who’s That Chick” is an exclusive project presented by Doritos. And this is just the beginning. For a full interactive video experience with Rihanna, visit doritoslatenight.com, premiering 10/15/10

  • lauren

    Great video and can’t wait till the commercial go rihanna