Miley Cyrus Surrenders To Her Tame Side On “Giving You Up”

Those itching for more from Miley Cyrus may have to wait awhile — turns out her “new” track is considerably older than her latest tattoo. But you can still listen to this two-minute clip of “Giving You Up” and decide for yourself if it deserved a kinder fate than the cutting room floor. Listen below:

Yesterday’s leak of “Giving You Up” sent Miley fans into a (short-lived) tizzy, prompting all kinds of speculation about a) who the song was about, and b) whether Miley had traded in the sassy, brash persona she’s displayed of late in favor of an identity as a completely tame-able robot.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Miley Cyrus – Giving You Up (snippet)”] As it turns out, “Giving You Up” is not, in fact, a hastily-penned ode to ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, but rather a tune cut from Cyrus’ 2008 album Breakout. That explains why it sounds so “Miley-lite” compared to so much of Can’t Be Tamed, and given that the track was written so long ago, who knows what it was about? It could have been her favorite Barbie doll.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t important enough to be included on the album. The song is perfectly lovely, if unremarkable, showcasing Miley’s soft vocal abilities with mellow acoustic accompaniment. The track could probably use a little more kick – even at the two-minute mark, it’s already getting a little snoozy. Still, kudos to Miley for cutting songs that are better than some of her peers’ singles.

Was it fair to give up “Giving You Up”? Or does whoever cut it from the album deserve a comb-spanking from Trish Cyrus?