Sky Ferreira Feeds Our Obsession In ‘Vampire Diaries’ Promo And ‘Vogue’ Shoot

Sep 19th, 2010 // Comment
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Things are looking up for Sky Ferreira — the obsession-worthy chanteuse just added a couple of major gigs to her rising-star resume: Italian Vogue and muse to the supernatural. Vogue Italia just posted a new profile of Sky on its website, and her “Obsession” is now the lead single for the Vampire Diaries soundtrack. An interview with Sky and the soundtrack promo music vid after the jump:

In the interview, the 18-year-old singer talks up her upcoming (still-untitled) album: “It is based on different sources of inspiration: adolescence, robots, my nightmares and insecurities.” While that may sound more like the next Tim Burton movie than a pop album, it sure is refreshing to see a young artist drawing from something besides high school heartbreak for a change.

Ferreira goes on to list musical influences such as Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Alice Cooper, Nancy Sinatra, and Prince — an ambitious lineup that would sound pretentious coming from most teenagers. But if the singles we’ve heard (“17″, “Whatcha Gonna Do”) already are any indication, we have faith that Sky’s got a unique flavor all her own and can live up to that hype.

And Ferreira’s international single “Obsession” is the perfect choice to push the soundtrack for The CW’s moody vampire show. Given young fans’ obsession with those trendy bloodsuckers, Sky may soon find herself a whole new audience. The video features “Obsession” playing over clips from the series, prompting us to think Sky could do worse than bare fangs on the show herself (given her interest in acting, referenced in the Vogue interview). She’s already striking, stylish, and provocative – being undead sure couldn’t hurt.

Easily the coolest promo for a vampire we’ve seen since Snoop revealed his crush on Sookie.

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