Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” Is Too Hot For ‘Sesame Street’

Bachelorette party girl Katy Perry, performed a rendition of “Hot N Cold” with Elmo on Sesame Street. We’re not sure if this boobtastic performance is an attempt by the producers of the groundbreaking children’s show to compete with the musical performances on Yo Gabba Gabba, or whether they’re just trying to appeal to stay-at-home dads, but we couldn’t help but notice the “Peacock” singer showing more cleavage in this two-minute song than has ever been shown in the past 30 years on PBS. Jump below to see the adorable—and “bouncy”—cat and mouse game between Katy and America’s favorite red muppet.

We’re not sure if anyone has ever cursed on the Sesame Street YouTube channel before, but thanks to KP, this video intended for three-year-olds has the comment,”Katy Perry is so fucking hot”, underneath it. Classy, Internet!

[The Daily What]

  • Snapkins

    Katy Perry shouldn’t be on Sesame Street. Ludacris shouldn’t rap on Justin Bieber’s songs. Isn’t an adult fan-base enough for artists whose music is hardly kid friendly?

  • Nikki

    No! I LIKE Katy Perry! Please put her on Sesame Street! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE???????????? Will you? :’)

  • Aaron

    I more worried about crazy parents trying to shelter kids from “cleavage” than some pop star dressed like a princess on sesame street, I mean whats the big deal? there is nothing strange or evil about boobs. the people that protested the clip are probably just a bunch of washed up old jealous broads that got boobs that touch the ground.

  • Voliza

    The only people who really notice that stuff are adults. Children’s minds are tainted like ours. Maybe the more we get used to breasts the less sexual they’ll be. I’d love for people not to bat an eye at MY cleavage. Anyways, Katy Perry is probably not the best artist for this anyways. If three year olds are listening to Katy Perry than we have some issues. I mean.. Teenage Dream, need I say more?