Watch Lady Gaga’s Passionate “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Speech

Lady Gaga, dressed like a 70s-era Gloria Steinem mixed in with a bit of Elle Woods, gave a passionate speech at a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” rally in Portland, Maine that was live-streamed on the Internet. The pop star, whose outlandish VMA outfit (as well as her dates) was inspired by her feelings towards DADT, proposed a new law called “If You Don’t Like It, Go Home—a law that discharges… the homophobic soldier that has the real negative effect on unit cohesion.” Jump below to watch video of her moving speech, which she titles, “The Prime Rib of America.”

Her speech is a bit rambling and long, clocking in around 18-minutes (with various meat metaphors that don’t exactly work), but regardless, her dedication to this issue is truly commendable. Gaga has previously discussed her protest of DADT during her interview with Larry King, post-VMAs on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, as well as in recent video she uploaded on her website. Even her next album title (and tattoo), Born This Way, is a reflection of her feelings towards the anti-gay policy.

The pop star recently had Senate leader Harry Reid respond to her tweets against DADT, and now she’s gotten the attention of Senator John McCain. “I welcome her in the debate, I welcome all of her young fans into the debate,” McCain said today at the Reuters Washington Summit. “It’s good to have lots of people involved.”

But he won’t be responding to her impassioned cries for equality via Twitter. “I only Twitter with Snooki,” McCain sad.

Read the full transcript of her speech here.

  • Cookster

    Damn but she is one fugly woman. All that money and she can’t get some plastic surgery? Interesting how she became such a gay advocate when her CD came out.

  • Armine

    She is such a phony. She is trying to be some sort of pop messiah and it’s all so people keep talking about her. If she didn’t wear those fake glasses and horrid suit I might have believed this was about her passion and not her phony act. I’d love to watch McCain rip her to pieces in a debate and I’m not even a republican.

  • Armine

    Isn’t it sad that it takes a straight woman who forgets to wear pants half the time to stand up for the gays. Get a real advocate please. Preferably someone who is educated and hasn’t admitted that they were out for fame and attention when they put out their first album. You need more educated and more policitally powerful people on your side if you plan on congress or the senate taking your causes seriously.

  • brett

    if she’s that dumb and she gets it, what is wrong with the rest of america

  • Armine

    It’s not about who gets it. I bet most of those senators who voted to not repeal it get it but it doesn’t mean they are going to repeal a bill just cause some fishnet wearing vagabond pop star is making a scene over it. Why won’t the gays stand up and make some noise here? I quite frankly don’t want them serving in the military if they can’tn stand up for themselves.

  • Whitney

    Whether she is doing it to boost her fame or not, at least she is standing up for gay people. There are so many other things she can make a fuss about to boost her popularity, but she chose this. No one just fights for something if they don’t believe in what they are fighting for. You really have to ask yourself this: Why do we let the people that harbor so much hate fight for our country, exactly? Gay people have never done anything to deserve the crap people give them. How does their being gay effect your life? It doesn’t. Homophobes are just so insecure about their sexuality they need to bash on the people that aren’t afraid to be themselves. Gay people are still people, and deserve to be treated as such. No one seems to see that, so maybe this speech will create some freaking progress. Also, look into going to a Pride festival and then tell me gay people don’t stand up for themselves. You are just too queer to pay attention.

  • Josh

    Wow how ignorant can all these people be. First of all she’s been supporting the LGBT community since the beginning because they supported her. She is bisexual so that’s another reason to fight for LGBT rights. She’s not dumb, she studied piano and music for many years and was one of the 20 people to be accepted in NYU Tisch School of the Arts that year. She was a straight A student and is just as simple as hear her talking in a serious interview to realize how smart she is. But you people just label her with your stupid stereotypes and don’t even take the time to research about her before talking about her.

    Thanks Gaga for supporting the LGBT community and using your fame in such a unselfish way.

  •;u=1010 Franchesca Wisseh

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