Rihanna’s Spacey, Crunchy “Late Night” Doritos Campaign Teaser

Sep 21st, 2010 // 3 Comments

Now that the cat is out of the bag of chips that Rihanna’s leaked “Who’s That Chick” video is meant for a Doritos campaign (much like Chris Brown’s 2008 jam “Forever” was a Doublemint tie-in), the snack company has unleashed a teaser vid for its Late Night “global music event.” It’s going down on October 15, and also features artists such as Professor Green, Down With Webster and Sensacional Orchestra Sonora. Take a bite below!

  1. RYK101

    Why!? Just tell me WHY you have to bring up Chris Brown?? I don’t get it it had NOTHING to do, you are making me to REALLY dislike your blog or whatever this is!

    • Hi Ryk101, sorry for the upset. As the post says, CB did a similar tie-in with Doublemint. I know Ne-Yo did as well, but Chris’ song was the bigger hit—as we’re hoping Rihanna’s will be!

  2. RYK101

    i know that’s true but why do they have to mention chris brown in every rihanna post, and then they say she takes advantage of the situation, of course not! the media is the one who doesn’t want to forget what happened

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