Taylor Swift Reveals Her ‘Speak Now’ Track List

Taylor Swift has said that each song on her third studio album Speak Now is a confession to somebody in her life, and Vulture takes a pretty hilarious shot at guessing who each song on her just-revealed track list is directed it. (It goes without saying that we all know that the tune she premiered at the VMAs, “Innocent”, is squarely pointed right at the man still on the hunt for his antique fish tank.) See if you can guess which record is more than likely about Joe Jonas by checking out the 14-song track list below.

Taylor Swift – Speak Now

1. Mine
2. Sparks Fly
3. Back to December
4. Speak Now
5. Dear John
6. Mean
7. The Story of Us
8. Never Grow Up
9. Enchanted
10. Better Than Revenge
11. Innocent
12. Haunted
13. Last Kiss
14. Long Live

Speak Now drops October 25.

[The Boot]