David Archuleta Talks “Who I Am” And “Falling Stars”

Little cherub-faced David Archuleta is back with a third installment of his album preview video series, in which he talks about the inspiring moments behind his upcoming album, The Other Side Of Down. This time, the Idol alum discusses the writing and recording of “Who I Am” and working with producer Emanuel “Eman” Kiriakou on “Falling Stars”.

Honestly, is there anything more charming and adorable than listening to David tell a story against the clippity-clop sounds of horse hooves while riding on his Central Park carriage?

Archie explains that “Who I Am” was inspired by a two hour cab ride in which a chatty cab driver kept the meter running even after the singer had reached his recording studio.

On “Fallin Stars”, producer Eman pushed David to challenge himself vocally to give the song more mature sound.

What do you think of the new tracks?