David Archuleta Talks “Who I Am” And “Falling Stars”

Little cherub-faced David Archuleta is back with a third installment of his album preview video series, in which he talks about the inspiring moments behind his upcoming album, The Other Side Of Down. This time, the Idol alum discusses the writing and recording of “Who I Am” and working with producer Emanuel “Eman” Kiriakou on “Falling Stars”.

Honestly, is there anything more charming and adorable than listening to David tell a story against the clippity-clop sounds of horse hooves while riding on his Central Park carriage?

Archie explains that “Who I Am” was inspired by a two hour cab ride in which a chatty cab driver kept the meter running even after the singer had reached his recording studio.

On “Fallin Stars”, producer Eman pushed David to challenge himself vocally to give the song more mature sound.

What do you think of the new tracks?

  • Ashley

    I LOVE “Who I Am”! <3

  • Violet

    I love those clips and the stories behind them :) Not too much longer to wait until the album is released!

    • Erika Brooks Adickman

      I agree. I love hearing the stories that inspire a song. It reminds me a little of the old VH1 show Storytellers Live.

  • Sheldon

    When I heard David was doing a song call “Who I am”, I thought he was doing a cover of the recent song by Nick Jonas and the Administration song that sounds so much like “Do the Hustle” it’s not funny! Thankfully he is not. The clip of “Who I am” sounds very promising.

  • Irene

    I think I’ll enjoy his 2nd album a lot more than his 1st one based on how diversified the songs are.

  • Ardy

    I like most of the tracks David has previewed very much. You can tell he has a real connection to them, and therefore will want to perform them in concert. Contrast that with the first album which I think was still good, but only about 6 of the 12 songs did he perform with much regularity — in fact the songs that I’m sure David had a connection to (and probably Jive Records didn’t want on the album) were the BONUS Tracks which David DID perform often, were more “him”, and fans really enjoyed (Works for Me, Waiting for Yesterday, Zero Gravity….. to name a few).

    With all of the pop selections which as an older fan, I actually enjoy, I hope David always develops and/or covers several songs that inspire, not only us, but himself as well. These will be the songs that people remember through the years.

  • Che

    Just listened to it. Its a good album. :)
    My fav. is Fallin Stars :D I like Good Place,My Kind Of Perfect and Somethin Bout Love too :)