“Everybody Drunk” In Ludacris’ New Video

Ludacris had a phenomenal idea—why not feature a giant club-thumping party in your music video, fill it with hot, scantily-clad women and lots of alcoholic beverages, and then rap about said women and beverages? Why, that’s a concept crazy enough to work! Redefine everything you knew about the possibilities of what can be achieved in music videos by watching Luda’s completely unique, not at all contrived new clip for the Battles of the Sexes track, “Everybody Drunk” (we don’t doubt it!), after the jump.

Ludacris feat. Lil Scrappy – “Everybody Drunk”

“Everybody with me drunk as fuck,” snarls the hook of his hard hip-hop track in a video so groundbreaking we’re baffled that OK Go didn’t film it first.