Taylor Swift Beats Justin Bieber On ‘Billboard’s “21 Under 21″ List

In its roundup of the 21 Under 21—young artists predicted to rule the pop landscape over the next year—Billboard writes that 20-year-old Taylor Swift “handled ‘Taylorgate’ with the class of a woman rather than a teenager,” and that she’s “geared up to hit the music world like a tsunami” in the coming months. Another young force of nature, Justin Bieber, is right behind the Speak Now songstress at #2. See who else made the list below.

Billboard is betting that 18-year-old Charice’s stint on Glee this season will raise her profile considerably. She made the 21 Under 21 at #4, coming in ahead of both Nick Jonas (#6) and Miley Cyrus (#10), who released albums earlier this year that failed to yield considerable hits. Charice’s co-star Chris Colfer is at #13.

Meanwhile, nine-year-old hair-whipping sensation Willow Smith is apparently destined for great things. She lands at #7, while Ellen DeGeneres’ first music signing Greyson Chance just makes the Top 10 at #9.

But—ugh!—Soulja Boy? At #5? We’re hoping he gets smacked by a shock of Willow’s active hair and topples out of sight indefinitely.

Who out of the following list do you think will be the biggest breakout in the coming year?


1. Taylor Swift (20)
2. Justin Bieber (16)
3. Selena Gomez (18)
4. Charice (18)
5. Soulja Boy (20)
6. Nick Jonas (18)
7. Willow Smith (9)
8. Demi Lovato (18)
9. Greyson Chance (13)
10. Miley Cyrus (17)
11. Lex Luger (19)
12. Taylor Momsen (17)
13. Chris Colfer (20)
14. Miranda Cosgrove (17)
15. Diggy Simmons (15)
16. Wonder Girls (18-21)
17. Never Shout Never (20)
18. New Boyz (18)
19. Nikki Yanofsky (16)
20. Cody Simpson (13)
21. Sean Kingston (20)

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