David Archuleta Previews “Parachutes And Airplanes” And “Look Around”

With one week left before the release of American Idol alum David Archuleta’s album The Other Side Of Down, the 19-year-old singer posted yet another preview video on his official site today. This time around, clips of mid-tempo piano-driven track “Parachutes And Airplanes” and synth-pop jam “Look Around” were offered up. Watch Archie talk about each of the new tunes after the jump. “I didn’t really want it to make a whole lot of sense,” the New Albany Classic performer explained about “Parachutes And Airplanes” while hanging out in New York City’s Central Park. “I wanted to describe this kind of surreal moment in your life of being with someone and how it’s like, it feels crazy right now.”

Next up in the video is the electronic groove “Look Around,” which Archuleta says he wrote with Matt Squire and Lady V (aka Victoria Horn).

“I love the Imogen Heap vibe that [the track] had, because they knew that I love Imogen Heap,” David said. He then added, “Of course it’s a lot more pop than Imogen!” (We probably could have guessed that without hearing it, Archie!)

You’ve got to love how intense and animated he gets when describing his new material. So, after hearing several of his new tracks, to you plan on picking up a copy of The Other Side Of Down when it’s released on October 5?