Miley Cyrus Is Quite Tamed On Unreleased Track “See You In Another Life”

Much like the leaked track from a few weeks ago, “Giving You Up“, this newly surfaced kiss-off song from Miley Cyrus sounds like it hails from the pop star’s Breakout recording sessions. Did this one deserve to be cut from the album, too? Get your “DURR” face ready and jump below and judge for yourself.

Miley Cyrus – “See You In Another Life”

“I believe in love,” croons Miley, “But not the kind that screws you up.” There’s another kind while you’re still a teenager?

This simple, straightforward midtempo track – which sounds like it came straight from the mid-90s, as written by Natalie Merchant or Meredith Brooks – isn’t exactly a party in the U.S.A. More like a small get together in Canada. Truth be told, we’re starting to like Miley’s feathers being ruffled while recording tunes as opposed to this lukewarm pop.

In any case, we don’t mind it staying hidden from the Cyrus ouevre of music. How about you?

  • Brandon

    I love every single song Miley Cyrus has made under the name “Miley Cyrus.” And I mean EVERY SONG. I think her latest album is her best and these two leaked tracks are very great. They should’ve been on “Can’t Be Tamed”

  • Michael

    Love anything you want but she has completely failed to cross over as a non-tween artist. It’s over. Thank Jeevus.

  • steicy

    your gay

  • stephanie


  • stephanie


  • Nova

    Are people really saying she’s gay? Yes, she is very happy :) I know I am with her “secret” songs! Every song is amazing, and she never disappoints <3