Pitbull And T-Pain Get Down On “Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)”

Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias’ “I Like It” not only landed on our Saturday night party playlist, but the club-thumping track was voted our Song of the Summer. (Sorry, Katy and Snoop!) Now Pitbull’s latest offering to the clubs, the jammin’ “Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)”, the nude nighttime waterskiing Spaniard is out and an Auto-Tuned robot voice allegedly belonging to T-Pain (c’mon, it could belong to anyone and no one would know the different) is in. Listen to the poppin’ dance track below and see if, yeah, you like it!

[wpaudio url=”//idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/01-Hey-Baby-Drop-It-to-the-Floor-feat.-T-Pain.mp3″ text=”Pitbull feat. T-Pain – Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)” dl=”0″] Everything about this track, from the overplayed synth beats to the empty lyrics asking you to “pump it from the side, pump it upside down” and “drop it to the floor… you can shake some more”, is devoid of anything unique in the slightest. And yet, we’re fist-pumping the air as we write this. Sometimes a song (particularly one meant to be enjoyed on the dancefloor) just feels right and doesn’t need to pretend to be anything more.

So yes, Pitbull and T-Pain, we will drop it to the floor, thank you so much for the suggestion!

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