Eminem And Lil Wayne Face Their Bullies In The “No Love” Video Preview

The music video for Eminem’s third Recovery single “No Love”—a song that features Lil Wayne and samples Haddaway’s 1993 Eurodance jam “What Is Love”—premieres tomorrow night at 8 p.m. EST. Em offered up a 30-second tease of the clip on his YouTube channel today. And surprise, surprise—it’s set to be another dramatic affair, akin to “Love The Way You Lie.” Slim raps about those who kicked him when he was down on the Just Blaze-produced “No Love,” while the video seems to focus on young kids getting beat up at school. We see yet another from-beyond-the-clink appearance by Lil Wayne, but, seriously, we’re more distracted by how rad that Haddaway bit works here.

Dare we say it, this looks to be Eminem’s third #1 hit in a row in 2010.

We’ll have the full video up as soon as it premieres tomorrow evening.