David Archuleta And A Fine Frenzy: The Idolator Meet-Up

Sep 30th, 2010 // 36 Comments
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Pop singers tend to be busy people. But that’s no reason for them to lose out on the chance to meet new friends who share common interests — even if those friends are also busy pop singers. Which is why we recently took it upon ourselves to introduce two amazing artists who didn’t know each other, but should. We arranged a visit between the velvety smooth singer David Archuleta and the sprightly songbird Alison Sudol, who performs as A Fine Frenzy. (We genuinely had no idea at the time, but she inspired the title track on his new album, The Other Side Of Down).

Read the twisty story to how this magical moment came together — and see the meet-up — in a special video below:

Here’s how it went down. We asked David, who’s been knocking out one silky performance after another in the run-up to his album, if there was anyone he’d always wanted to meet. (Because, you know, we have such HUGE Hollywood connections…) David sent over a very short list that included Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell, and… Alison. As it happens, we do know someone who knows someone who knows her. (And we adore “Electric Twist”). We made a few calls and … voila! Meeting set.

We arranged for the two artists to meet at Hollywood’s fancy new W a few weeks ago while David was in town. And… it was the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen.

It turns out the two had plenty to talk about. David quizzed Alison about songwriting, and Alison (who has started work on her next album!) wowed David with details of the whimsical book she’s written. See for yourself.

David Archuleta and Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy — The Meet Up:

And as a special treat, Alison and her pal Omar (who plays with A Fine Frenzy), played a fantastic rendition of her song “Blow Away”, the tune that first turned David into an instant AFF fan.

A Fine Frenzy — “Blow Away” (live):

We were thrilled to be able to play a role in introducing two gifted artists. Hey, you should always take time to help out your friends, right?


  1. KH

    This is sooooo coooooool.

  2. Lisa

    OMG… that’s like the cutest thing ever. lol.

  3. lct

    OMG!!!! This is too cool!

  4. Michelle (Hazeleyd71)

    most amazing video!

  5. Ashley

    That’s so awesome that happened for him! He always talks about AFF! He looked so happy! <3

  6. Aw! This was so sweet.

  7. Kerry

    Wow, that’s cuteness overload.

  8. ninah

    David & Alison are the 2 coolest, cutest and talented people ever! I can´t even imagine how extraordinary child would be born if these 2 got married!!

  9. heidijoy

    Very sweet and meaningful. They both seemed thrilled. Her book/script sound like great material for a movie. I’m sure David is impressed with her spirit and creativity. I’m sure he was impressed with her after tour decision to write!!!!!!!!!!

  10. stephanie


  11. sarah

    Good job, Idolator!! Wow, you guys went extra miles for us instead of just copying out entertainment news from outer sources. David has a lot of respect for artists who have own unique musical identity, not just cookie-cutter popular singers. Cool video ever!

  12. Monica

    The second video of him watching them perform seriously made me cry. I love A Fine Frenzy so much and can totally imagine how cool that moment must have felt for him. There is nothing like getting to tell someone that they have inspired you and I’m sure they appreciated hearing it too. So awesome of you guys to set this up! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Mary

    Thanks for this Idolator! Such a special moment!

  14. This was very, very cool! She has a great voice. I can see why David likes her.

    It’s very interesting how a mind of an artist works. They are all about true art and talent in people and in places that the average does not see or is not able to hear or understand.

    You can see how both artist respect each other – awesome!

    These are two very talented people!!

    Thank you Idolator for the surprise meeting and the videos.

  15. lessha

    That was soooo awesome!!! Loved seeing the smile on David’s face.

  16. Glad you all like! Thanks for the feedback

  17. shelbie

    I cried as well, didn’t know why! Alison’s voice’s amazing and David’s adorable singing along.

  18. Jessica

    He looked so happy! What an amazing opportunity.

  19. dani

    I love you for this Idolator! David, gaahhh!! SO cute. When he’s happy I’m happy :)

  20. cas

    Good work Idolator! It’s great to see a fresh approach. This was a good report.

  21. Kat

    Wow, two really talented people, I’m glad they got to meet.

  22. Angel50

    Oh my! These two just make me cry with happy tears! I am grinnin’ from ear-to-ear for David to have met Alison! Real nice of Idolator to make this happen. THANKS!

  23. frio

    Idolator, you guys are awesome!

  24. js

    This was so awesome to watch!!

  25. Thanks. Obviously David is thrilled to have met up with her. Love it!

  26. Rena

    Thanks Idolator. A Fine Frenzy is one of my all time faves. David Archuleta is one of my new faves. His new song “Elevator” is so much fun. If you guys liked the second video of Alison and Omar, you have to see A Fine Frenzy live. Alison is just incredible.

  27. Kir

    Aww, that was the most adorable thing ever. David looked so happy. :)

  28. Hanne-Denmark

    Thanks Idolater for this absolutely sweetest meeting I’ve ever witnessed!!! You can tell how much they both appreciate this meeting and respect each other!! I would have loved watching them sing together for real :)

    David and Allison ♥ ツ

  29. matz

    You should have put a dimple alert on this post. Alison and David are a perfect combination! Not only was the meeting of these two a FANTASTIC idea! But such a perfect artistic match.

    As a fan of David, I know how inspired he is by A Fine Frenzy and I thank you Idolator for giving David this wonderful opportunity!

    I too will be looking out for Alison’s book. It sounds creative and fun!

  30. Irrelevant

    What a great chance for these two extremely talented young artists to meet. She is amazing and I loved his reaction to her singing. He was beside himself he was so excited!

  31. Veritaserum

    Aw.. He’s ADORABLE!!! <3

  32. Wouldn’t a duet with these two be fantastic?

  33. Just a thought…….wouldn’t it be great if Allison turned out to be David’s “kind of perfect”?

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