David Archuleta Drops One More ‘Other Side Of Down’ Preview

David Archuleta’s album The Other Side Of Down is just a weekend away from being released (October 5), and the A Fine Frenzy fan has kept his Arch Angels in a frenzy with the assembly line of album preview vids he’s been dutifully doling out the past few weeks. (Watch them here, here and here. Oh, and this and this, too!) Today Archie treats us to a peek at his tracks “Good Place” and “Complain.” Hop below to give ’em a listen!

“A lot of songs would start off relationship-y, and I’d be like, I’m not in a relationship!” says David of the songwriting process. “I want to talk about something else that I’m going through something that I can understand… people relate to me if I believe in what I’m singing.”

We bet most of your fan base is more than happy to know you’re not currently spoken for. Ladies, go get ‘im!

Are you shaking with anicipation for Archie’s album to drop on Tuesday? Watch (or rewatch) David’s get together with A Fine Frenzy’s Alison Sudol for Idolator’s The Meet-Up, and the weekend will go by much quicker!