Demi Lovato (Or Is It Sonny Munroe?) Performs “Work Of Art” For Disney

Much like Miley Cyrus and her alter-ego Hannah Montana, we’re not sure how to tell Demi Lovato apart from her Sonny With A Chance character Sonny Munroe. Demi is the rockin’ pop singer behind the new track “Work Of Art”, from the Disney show’s So Random Halloween Special, but in the song’s clip, Sonny gets the credit. Hey, Disney, at least slap a wig on Demi if you’re going to make her perform as another person. Rant over. Watch the vid below!

Demi Lovato – “Work Of Art”

And why yes, that is Shaquille O’Neal dressed as Dracula.

Picture 2

It’s still less bibzarre than his cameo in Owl City’s video for “Vanilla Twilight“.

Demi and Sonny’s So Random Halloween Special airs October 17. (Honestly, it would be much more random if it aired any other month but October.)