Miley Cyrus Gets Mocked On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Kanye West’s awe-inspiring, history-making performances of “Power” and “Runaway” this past weekend on Saturday Night Live were so glorious, we almost forgot this gem of a sketch—new cast member Vanessa Bayer performed a spot-on impression of Miley Cyrus during The Miley Cyrus Show, with proud papa Billy Ray Cyrus (played by host Bryan Cranston) filling the band leader/sidekick role. Watch “Miley” interview “Johnny Depp” on her “talk show” by jumping below!

No joke, we might actually watch this show, if only for the unintentional comedy resulting from Miley’s guests being slightly freaked out during the entire interview.

What did you think of Bayer’s impression of Miley? We think she hit all the right notes of being unfailingly sunny and cheerful and five decimals louder than everyone else around her. Pretty cool!

  • JD

    The sketch was hysterical, but I’m still reeling that anyone that Kanye West was awe inspiring…laugh out loud, and pompous jackass were more the words that came to mind for what I was able to stomach before fast forwarding.

  • Shelli

    I thought the Miley skit was dead on! Only Kanye would put a crown on Kanye. I find his voice unbearable…as well as his pursona.