Go On Tour With Robyn In The “Hang With Me” Making-Of

Robyn’s bittersweet video for her Body Talk Pt. 2 track “Hang With Me” found the Swedish singer doing press, meeting fans, prepping for shows, and filling the monotonous hours traveling on tour. It’s an introspective peek at the her daily routine while out on the road, and now you can get an even more in-depth look behind-the-scenes of Robyn’s life as a schedule-packed pop star by watching the video’s Making Of below.

The “Hang with Me” video—shot by Max Vitali (the same director who filmed “Dancing With My Own”)—was recorded over a two week period in June as Robyn traveled throughout London, giving interviews and doing two special performances at Rough Trade Records and London’s G.A.Y. nightclub.

“‘Hang With Me’ is a very beautiful song, it’s very romantic and it’s about love and being afraid to commit to someone,” says Robyn. “And I felt like the song is even too pretty to do a performance video to. I wanted to break it up and contrast that, so my idea to film a tour idea period came from that.”

“Filming real stuff felt really intriguing to me, because it’s a way of making a video that not really common,” she continues. “When I was younger, I used to watch behind-the-scenes videos of Janet Jackson an Prince and I would be really inspired, I got to see something that was way different that just watching them perform.”

“I wanted to do something like that but not just do a funny tour video, because that felt maybe little boring. We tried to do something that tells a story or has some mystique to it…. something that feels honest.”

Robyn might feel restless and bored on her tour bus, but she brings it when she goes out on stage — check out the electro-pop wonder sizzling for her legion of fans during one of her powerhouse performances in our All Hearts tour gallery.

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