Hear Taylor Swift Steal Someone Else’s Man (Again) On New Track “Speak Now”

Two years ago, Taylor Swift pulled a multi-Platinum rabbit out of her cowgirl hat in the form of Fearless. The album went on to sell six million copies in the U.S. alone—no small feat in these times of declining music sales. Can Taylor weave the same musical magic with upcoming third LP Speak Now? Listen to the title track below and start deciding!

“Speak Now” was added to iTunes today as part of Swift’s “Countdown To Speak Now” marketing campaign. In other words, expect a new song each week from the album ahead of its October 25 release.

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/01-Speak-Now.mp3" text="Taylor Swift - Speak Now" dl="0"]

As for the song, it’s a case of “here we go again.” Taylor is trying to convince the object of her affection that the girl he’s with—or, in this case, the girl he’s marrying—isn’t nearly as amazing as Taylor herself.

“Don’t wait or say a single vow, your time is running out and they said speak now,” Taylor implores. Homewrecker, get a new topic! What happened to the dude from “You Belong With Me”? Already kicked to the curb?

In all seriousness, “Speak Now” tends to fall into the same trap as Swift’s previous single “Mine”—it’s the same old same old from the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, from the lyrical content to the cheery country-pop chords that make up the melody. Of course, that hasn’t stopped Billboard‘s leading young lady from making a mint.

Sorry, girls, but you’d better lock up your men. Taylor’s probably going to be riding this man-stealin’ theme for a long time to come.

  • Marissa

    AJ – you spelled hypocrites wrong. FAIL. and everybody stop saying your opinion like its fact. I love Taylor and her music, AJ hates Taylor’s music, but stop saying “she sucks” and “some people who like horrible singers like Taylor.” . She might not be the best in YOUR eyes, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fact that she’s terrible. So stop being so damn stuck up and stop trying to change other people’s opinions. YOU are the hypocrite AJ in your last post. It changes from: “people who like Horrible singers like Taylor”(like a fact) to “I won’t judge you…I, Me, MYSELF just thinks she’s horrible”(acting all innocent). Make up your frickin mind. And I won’t try to change your opinion either. In fact, in AJ’s defense, Taylor Swift’s first album was released in 2006, so that part of the arguement is just stupid rambling. Sorry.
    I <3 Taylor Swift :)

  • Ashley

    Marissa, you yourself went on a little rant there. I love Taylor Swift but she needs to stop talking about stealing other people’s man. She is implying that this man is cheating on his “soon to be wife” and to run off with the mistress. Seriously? I love Taylor and I have been there for her since way back before she was famous. But I don’t agree with this song or You belong with me.

  • Marissa

    Haha yeah sorry Ashley :) and yeah those songs weren’t even about her anyway, and I don’t really think it’s about stealing someone, it’s about wanting them to have chosen you. But actually, neither of those songs are my favorite, although I love them and all Taylor’s songs :)

  • AJ

    Oooh. I didn’t type the “o” on hypocrites…..sue me! LOL Really Marissa. I just think Taylor Swift sucks. Obviously it’s my opinion because it’s coming from me! Like I said, I could care less if someone likes her but it’s just as stupid for someone to A.) come on to a thread written by someone who obviously doesn;t like TS and tell others who agree that they should leave. and B.) think that their opinion is better than those who don’t like it. Never tried to change anybodies mind and never acted innocent. If someone is going to bash me and my opinion i’m gonna trash theirs right back. I don’t judge any of them for liking her….I judge them for bashing the original poster and others who don’t. If you had gone back to my original post I said nothing about them. Just that TS is a horrible singer. So I am not a hypOcrite. Never changed my mind and never said one thing and did another. You should really look up the definition. Thanks for the defense on the 2007 thing. That was an immature point on their part. But, ranting about ranting seems a little redundant to me.

  • AJ

    Oops, I typed doesn;t instead of doesn’t. Must correct now before the spell check police get on me! LOL jk

  • Emily

    hahahahahahahahahaah best comment ever.

  • Marissa

    hahahahahah yeah kk i see your point :)

  • Riza

    These people obviously don’t understand the meaning of the song.

    Well, in my perspective, it’s about a man marrying a girl that he doesn’t really love. The girl is actually the bitch. The woman singing has to open up and tell him what she feels. She spoke and he listened to her. He went out of the church with her.

    Proves that he loves her more than his almost bride to be. The bride should stop bitching and move on even if takes a long time. It hurts but he doesnt love her .That’s the reality.

    So basically, it’s about taking the last chance there is.

  • Leah

    Um, excuse me missy, but obviously you have no idea what the song is about, just like the author of this article. NOT ALL OF HER SONGS ARE ABOUT HERSELF! She wrote this for a friend who watched someone she loved get married to someone else.

  • i love music

    k mon guys– who cares what she sings about? at least its not premarital sex or drugs or drinking.. its just harmless love.

  • casey

    I saw an interview it’s about her friend who’s ex got married to some really mean girl. So everyone stop fighting. it’s lame.

  • Izumi

    Lets just all agree that we love TS:)

    Well..except you AJ

  • Cameron

    I used to not like Taylor Swift, but after listening to her new album I like her now(: Also the reason I bought it was because Speak Now(the song) was supposedly written for/about Hayley Williams of Paramore. You see, Taylor said something right after Josh and Jenna’s wedding. For those of you who aren’t Paramore fans, Josh and Hayley went out for 5 years or so but then broke up during the Riot! years. They took a short break off in the middle of the Riot! tour then came back for The Final Riot! tour. Josh recently married Jenna and Hayley is currently dating New Found Glory lead guitarist Chad Gilbert.

    “‘Speak Now’ is inspired by a friend, who watched as a longtime love married someone else. I wrote that song about the moment in a wedding when you speak now or forever hold your peace. I remember saying to her, are you going to speak now? I started to think about it on the way home: what it would be like to be in love and know they’re marrying someone else. That night I had a dream about on of my ex-boyfriends getting married. The next morning I wrote th song.” -Taylor Swift. And plus everything us parawhores still believe, it’s very possible it could be true. It all just kind of fits together. And if you’re also a parawhore(yes that is a real term. It’s what we’re known as. Don’t mess with parawhores by the way!) as well as a Taylor Swift fan, if you put the pieces together can’t you see it???? Do you agree???

  • Jade

    I AGREE Cameron! This song is definitely about Joshayley. From the fact that they dated and that he was getting married to Jenna right in front of her, the song does make sense.
    I am not quite into Taylor but only because of this song, I am listening to her. She aint so bad.

    Coming back to the song, I would really love them to have it confirmed whthr it was about Hayley. I kinda feel sad.

    A Parawhore for life.
    “Beware of Hayley”

  • Carrie

    Don’t know why everyone is making such a big deal out of a lyrical ‘story’ ???? She has openly said that every detail of every song isn’t specifically about her or her life. But they were all INSPIRED by personal experiences. As in, you see somebody marrying someone and you feel in your heart it’s wrong but you don’t say anything… but then you build off of that and turn it into a musical story. Each song has a story and a certain amount of them that is factual and that was created to complete a story. They are for entertainment!!! My goodness, we have artists talking about killing people, doing drugs, drinking, cheating and all sorts of things and we’re going to dissect this girl for taking creative liberty with her own life experiences to turn them into sometimes funny, sometimes touching, sometimes silly, sometimes… ???? Everyone gets something different from a song. That’s why they are so great. It’s entertainment, not Taylor Swift sitting on the witness stand to be cross examined. Calm down, for crying out loud. Makes a person wonder if the hecklers on here are the jealous girlfriends of Taylor’s exes? If her songs/stories don’t suit you then don’t listen. Why waste your time slamming someone when you could be doing something valuable with your time? Go listen to something you like and we’ll listen to Taylor.

  • amb

    Omg everyone shut up this song is really annoying! It gives out the completely wrong message. This song is about someone trying to convince someone’s finance to leave her on their wedding day! Its irrelevant if the girl is a bitch, for a start the person who is trying to steal the man is going to say the other woman is a bitch no matter what, and even if the woman is a bitch, she still doesn’t deserve to have her fiance taken from her on her wedding day, if she’s prepared to marry this man then she’s going to be in love with him and would be devastated. I love taylors music but this song and you belong with me is just sending out such a bad message and if you’ve ever been cheated on then you will understand why. I mean so many of taylors songs are about being hurt by boys and then she just goes and sings a song like this, such a hypocrite!

  • cc

    This song isn’t even about Taylor! So stfu. It’s a song for a friend and most of her songs are story’s, not actual memoirs of her life. She is a sweet girl and not a man stealer. She needed a topic for her song and choose this. Besides they guy could have said no. And the girl was a complete bitch who blocked him off from everyone but her…

  • Cathy Patterson

    Well Taylor is an awful singer as well as a liar– proof is in the pudding. Skip to the 1:29 and 1:56 to the VERY obvious usage of auto-tune http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…ature=channel.