Willow Smith And Nicki Minaj’s “Whip My Hair” Remix: Sadly It’s A Fake

With 9-year-old sensation Willow Smith’s sass anthem “Whip My Hair” becoming such an online hit, it only makes sense that go-to gal Nicki Minaj would be enlisted to add a few raps to the remix, right? Well, not exactly. A mix of the tune with the “Check It Out” Barbie’s vocals attached has indeed been doing the rounds, but it turns out it’s a fake.

MTV’s RapFix points out that Nicki’s part on the newly-retooled “Whip My Hair” (which contains the age-inappropriate line “I love how the jocks be watching me me so I grab my crotch and be like ‘hehe'”) is actually from Pearl Future’s 2009 song “Lookin’ At Me.”

Here, then, is the unofficial pairing of Nicki and Willow:

And here’s Pearl Future’s “Lookin’ At Me” featuring Minaj:

Don’t be deflated by this revelation, though, Willow fans. The pint-sized songstress is already pretty adept at schmoozing. It’s surely only a matter of time before she charms Nicki onto one of her tracks.