Willow Smith And Nicki Minaj’s “Whip My Hair” Remix: Sadly It’s A Fake

Oct 5th, 2010 // 7 Comments

With 9-year-old sensation Willow Smith’s sass anthem “Whip My Hair” becoming such an online hit, it only makes sense that go-to gal Nicki Minaj would be enlisted to add a few raps to the remix, right? Well, not exactly. A mix of the tune with the “Check It Out” Barbie’s vocals attached has indeed been doing the rounds, but it turns out it’s a fake.

MTV’s RapFix points out that Nicki’s part on the newly-retooled “Whip My Hair” (which contains the age-inappropriate line “I love how the jocks be watching me me so I grab my crotch and be like ‘hehe’”) is actually from Pearl Future’s 2009 song “Lookin’ At Me.”

Here, then, is the unofficial pairing of Nicki and Willow:

And here’s Pearl Future’s “Lookin’ At Me” featuring Minaj:

Don’t be deflated by this revelation, though, Willow fans. The pint-sized songstress is already pretty adept at schmoozing. It’s surely only a matter of time before she charms Nicki onto one of her tracks.


  1. she looks like her dad in that pic

  2. shut up the hell up alayzia

  3. Latarra

    Omg, Willow Smth You Are So Good At Wat You Do Keep Upp The Good Work ! And Like You SEd DONT LET HATERS KEEP YOU OFF YOU GRIND ;)

  4. Latarra

    oMG ,Your Such A Hater !



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