U2 Perform ‘Spider-Man’ Song Live

Oct 5th, 2010 // Comment

We’ve already heard Reeve Carney, the star of ill-fated rock musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, perform the show’s number “Boy Falls From The Sky“. But how does it sound when performed by the rock band who penned it? U2 busted out the song during a concert in Portugal over the weekend, so jump below to check it out and see if the tune is any less angsty when sung by Bono instead of somebody attempting to sound like Bono.

U2 – “Boy Falls From The Sky”

Maybe we really just have disdain for Reeve Carney’s stereotypically emo delivery or we’re just used to Bono’s vocals, but this is much better. We hope Bono gets inspired by Billie Joe Armstrong’s Broadway stint and joins the cast for a week to play the Green Goblin. We just might shell out $135 a ticket to see that. (Eh, probably not.)

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