Miley Cyrus Gets Even Sexier In Video For Dance Jam “Who Owns My Heart”

“Come on, baby—keep provokin’ me, keep on ropin’ me like a rodeo,” Miley Cyrus commands on her latest single, “Who Owns My Heart.” Like “Can’t Be Tamed,” the video for the dance-pop jam serves as a declaration of sexy independence that finds the Hannah Montana superstarlet exploring her naughtier side. And this time she’s rolling around like a minx in a little black dress in the backseat of limo. See who owns Miley’s heart after the jump!

The dark and seedy video for “Who Owns My Heart,” directed by Cyrus’ “Can’t Be Tamed” collaborator Robert Hales, finds the 17-year-old babyvixen once again grinding up against boys and girls. (And we know Miley has had plenty of practice with age-inappropriate dance moves.)

But while we could sit here all day and ramble on like a broken record that—gasp!—Miley Cyrus is acting like a wild, wanton young lady, let’s give her props for turning out what is essentially a damn fine pop song. Unfortunately, it’s one that radio may choose to overlook given the shaky start the Can’t Be Tamed album started out on after a weak lead single.

Miley’s still young. And she’s till learning. Hopefully by her next LP she learns that less is more, and you don’t have to hammer folks over the head with provocative antics to be appealing.

She could have appeared in this video alone and we’d still be interested in finding out who owns her heart.

  • Chris

    I love the video. And I love what Cyrus is doing with it as a personal statement. There is a minority of holier-than-thou people in this country today who have set themselves up as the moral cops over the rest of us. Call them the American Taliban. You know who they are. And in the last 3 years, the American Taliban has chosen Miley Cyrus as one of their primary targets, but their real target is all of us, the great majority, who don’t think it’s wrong to dance, sing, dress up or dress down and just have some fun. We don’t get offended at a 17-year-old girl wearing daisy dukes or a see-through top (‘oh my gosh, I can see her bra,’ the American Taliban shouts, like they’ve never seen a bra before!) and we don’t get our knickers in a twist over a little ‘dirty dancing’. Cyrus has been tormented by these Talibanesque fuddy duddies over wearing a sheet in photo shoot, over leaked photos of her in her underwear hacked from a personal account, over a lap dance with a 44-year-old gay movie producer, over dancing—but not drinking—in an over-21 dance club and much more. In this video, she prances around in her underwear, lap dances with a male dancer and in general rubs her burgeoning young-adult sexuality in the faces of the American Taliban. In the context of Cyrus’ recent life, this video constitutes her own mini-version of the film “Footloose.” It’s video about liberation from the minority who would turn us back to the days of New England Puritanism. Viewed in comparison to many other dance videos by older female recording artists it might seem run of the mill, but put in context of what Cyrus has been through with the American Taliban over the last few years, its political statement of high order. Better yet, it’s a political statement you can dance and sing to.