Shakira’s Cover Of The XX’s “Islands” — Sunnier Than The Original

Shakira debuted her upbeat cover of The xx’s “Islands” at Glastonbury — now listen to the full studio recording, which will find a home on the Colombian singer’s upcoming album,  Sale El Sol. Compared to the flashy Latin-flavored “Loca“, this song is brilliantly subdued. Listen below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Shakira - Islands" dl="0"]

Very pretty, and by quickening the tempo and adding Shakira’s hopeful-sounding vocals, it’s just different enough from the original.

What do you think of Shakira’s cover? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

  • XX Fan

    As a huge XX fan, I am truly upset by this cover. The saddest part about it is, she’ll make more money off of it than the real artists (The XX) did. The XX should not allow Shakira to put this on her upcoming album.

  • Shakira Fan

    Shakira is a fan of The XX, hence why she is covering their song. The original song was among her Top 10 Songs of 2009:

    1 Time To Pretend by MGMT
    2 Islands by The xx
    3 Crimewave by Crystal Castles
    4 Sex On Fire by Kings Of Leon
    5 Everyday I Love You by Kaiser Chiefs
    6 Sick Muse by METRIC
    7 Time Is Running Out by MUSE
    8 Read My Mind by The Killers
    9 Kids by MGMT
    10 Human by The Killers

    (Source: Her official Myspace page)

    Just because you have your perceptions about famous Pop stars does not mean that Shakira is automatically doing a disservice to The XX, but this seems to be a standard way to go with those who like indie artists.

    Shakira is an extremely versatile artist. She originally gained fame in 1996 as a “Latin Alanis Morissette” (and has a couple of Latin Grammy Awards in Rock and Alternative categories).

    With over 50 million albums sold and a recording career spanning 20 YEARS (first album at age 13 featuring songs she wrote) I doubt profiting off of The XX was her primary motivation.

    It’s amusing that you act as if The XX are in some superior position to refuse to allow her to put the song on her album. But this is some warped “indie” mentality.

  • is u srs

    You are beautiful.

  • Brian


    Does anyone know if this is true? I heard rumors that Shakira was going to cover David Hatfield’s ‘My Creative Dream.’

  • mark

    well, apparently it was the XX who actually asked shakira to cover this song, when they both meet in jools holand show back last year, they both perfomed the same night and thats how it all came 2gueter !

    I love the XX and I love shakira

  • Jesse

    Well put @Shakira fan. I like both songs, she did a good job covering the song. She added her own twist to it. Equally good to the original., i bit more fast paced. Love love LOVE her song Devocion!!!

  • Percy