Lee DeWyze Thanks His Lucky Stars On His Debut Single “Sweet Serendipity”

Ryan Seacrest premiered Lee DeWyze’s debut single, “Sweet Serendipity”, on his radio show this morning, and the easy-breezy track, about “running into good luck by accident”, could easily be a Maroon 5 song. Or even a Kris Allen song. Basically, pick a contemporary lite-rock male artist, and they could have written “Sweet Serendipity.” But that doesn’t mean it’s not any good. Listen to Lee’s first single as a professional below.

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/lee-dewyze.mp3" text="Lee DeWyze - Sweet Serendipity" dl="0"]

“And I’m doing just fine, I’m always landing on my feet / In the nic of time, and by the skin of my teeth / I ain’t gonna stress cause the worst ain’t happened yet / Something’s watching over me like sweet serendipity,” sings Lee on the song’s chorus.

Oh boy, is “Sweet Serendipity” sweet — the positive, inoffensive feel good tune is the definition of playing it safe. We understand why 19 Recordings would pick the most fool-proof track to lead off with, but we just hope Lee’s next few singles have a bit more bite to them — after all, this is the guy who bared his soul in “The Boxer” and was ballsy enough to add a bagpipe player to his “Hey Jude” performance. It’s natural for us to expect a little more from him.

“Sweet Serendipity” appear on the American Idol champ’s debut album, Live It Up, out November 16.

What do you think of Lee’s first single? Is it an indication of more good things to come? Or are you more excited for Crystal Bowersox’s debut LP?

  • Pat

    Love it! Love that voice! This is an upbeat “grateful” song. Probably the best tupe of song to come out with. I know for a fact that my 17 year old daughter will adore it. Congrats Lee! You are going to go all the way!!! :)

  • Rita

    This is exactly what’s wrong with today’s world. Everyone tries playing it safe. While it is a cute song, it’s not LEE, it is not what LEE is all about. I am very sad, that’s exactly what I was afraid of when a major label takes a unique artist like LEE and makes him sound just like everybody else because they wanna play it safe. I hope other tracks on that album have more character. I am extremely disappointed.

  • Rita

    I can’t get over it. His new song “I’m only dreaming” that he presented in Arlington Park is beautiful. The other 4 new songs that have been circulating apparently generated a lot of interest. I am such a huge fan of his eclectic sound, this song made me sick to my stomach. This is the world of accountants we’re living in, if the show doesn’t generate ratings it gets canceled in a month, if an artist doesn’t produce sales in a year, he gets dropped from the record label. Everybody wants to play it safe.

  • anon

    Adam didn’t play it safe and his sales are beyond a million and continuing to grow. 2 top 40 singles in the US and other singles charting all over the world, sold out headlining tour and 2nd album already in the works. Lee is just Kris Allen reincarnate and Kris Allen is just reincarnate of David Cook. None of them are really my style but out of the 3 I’ll definitely pick David Cook. He’s the best looking and the best singer and has barely enough badboy edge to keep me from vomiting from too much boring, goody-goody, drippy, sappy, happy songs.

  • Jesse

    Hes cute…there’s something adorable about this guy….i just cant put my gay finger on it…well i hope he does well.

  • Jill

    I like it. Very catchy.

  • Lisa

    It’s okay. But it does sound like Uncle Kracker wrote a song for a Sister Hazel/Smashmouth supergroup.

  • Reinhardt

    It’s really not bad at all. But I expected more. A rock ballad maybe, but not this.

  • Mel

    It’s not what I expected. It kind of gives me a headache. LOL which probably means it’ll be a huge hit.

  • ZMH

    are we still in 2004?

  • judy

    love it he steped it up some so many sides to lee. go lee cant waite for nov 16