Florence + The Machine Go Acoustic For ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Florence + The Machine’s leading lady Florence Welch appeared on Dancing With The Stars last night to perform an arresting acoustic rendition of her smash single “Dog Days Are Over”, and she was accompanied by several pairs of dancers interpreting her music through their moves. We didn’t think it was possible, but somehow Welch managed to outdo the magnificent spectacle that was her VMA performance (which we then appointed best of the night). Clip from last night’s results show below.

Florence + The Machine – “Dog Days Are Over” (Live)

In case you’re wondering, The Situation was eliminated from the ballroom competition last night. Oh well… once Jersey Shore ends, he can always try his hand at being a rap superstar, right? (Please, suffocate us with a pillow before this ever becomes a reality.)


    I really enjoyed this new artist.
    I think Florance and the Machine is going to be my new favoret Band.
    we are planing a trip to Boarders to buy her CD, can’t wait to get it home to hear the entire thing.
    Florance kinda reminded me a of Natalie Merchant with a twist of Patty Smyth, maybe it’s just me,lol.
    anyways, we look forward to hearing more of her.

  • Samantha Wachtler

    I love this band. There is such an honesty in the words that she sings and writes- a true clarity for an album that definitely has ‘dark’ moments it is a fantastic release for people especially those in which are currently having their own struggles. The minute I heard Florence and the Machine I went out and bought the album. It has played in my car for three weeks straight.

    I made sure to watch last night becuase I knew they were performing and she did an incredible job. In a way, I wish there wasn’t dancing also distracting the performance so that the people watching and listening had their full focus on Florence. She is incredible and has a great talent. That is talent, not re-verb, no dubs, no software. Just voice and guitar. It was great!

  • Lisa

    More like this please!