Ke$ha’s New Single “We R Who We R” Celebrates Individuality, Partying

“DJ, turn it up!” asks Ke$ha in her new let’s-go-ka-razy dance-pop song, “We R Who We R”, the lead single from her Animal companion album, Cannibal. She sure talks to the DJ a lot in her songs — maybe she’s the one who needs to speak up so he can finally hear her requests? Just a suggestion. Check out the new tune, which Ke$ha hopes will become a “pride anthem”, and tell us if the pop star’s antics should make anyone proud.

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“Got Jesus on my neck-a-luss,” warbles Ke$ha on this party track, who also happens to be “selling our clothes, sleeping in cuurs, dressing it down, hitting on dudes — hard.” This song (which premiered online on MySpace) is a parody of itself.

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Our heads hurt, too, Ke$ha.

The glittery gal (who happens to be a great inspiration for your Halloween costume, by the way) told Entertainment Weekly that she wrote “We R Who We R” in the wake of news reports about bullying that has led to several suicides of gay teens.

“I wanted to inspire people to be themselves,” says K-Dolla, whom also uploaded her own video for the “It Gets Better” viral campaign. “It’s a celebration of any sort of quirks or eccentricities.”

As for the rest of her new album, Ke$ha describes it as eloquently as she can. “It’s as fun as shit!”

What do you think of “We R Who We R”? And should pop stars no longer be allowed to mispell words in song titles so that they seem “hip” to today’s text-obsessed youth?

  • Lisa

    Oh. My. Gosh. She wrote this as an anthem to help end bullying? Yeah, that’s not what I got out of the song at all. Basically I heard “blah blah blah DJ blah partying blah I’m sexy blah I’m drunk blah blah lame generic dance beat blah.”

    Sadly, it’ll be a huge hit because radio programmers are mindless drones who only respond to the almighty dollar–which Ke$ha apparently has in her back pocket with her bottle of jack and spray-on glitter.

  • nickie

    Its amazing, ke$ha is her own person. Like or or hate her, shes here to stay.

  • Cameron

    WOW! Shes a force to be reckoned with. This is pure dance floor domination. 5th straight top 10 hit for sure.

  • Mitch

    AMAZING SONG. Sure to go straight to the top! I love Kesha. This song is powerful, a dance floor anthem!

  • ZMH

    she tried so hard to follow every move of lady gaga…and will surely fade away soon after gaga.

  • stephanie

    she roks for evea

  • Emmee

    omg totally luvved the song!!! I love Ke$ha!!! She is awesome!!! Definatley one of my fave singers!!!

  • vertigoshtick

    In all fairness, the title misspellings are probably not by fault of Ke$ha… Dr. Luke has been waging a war against correct spelling since “Since U Been Gone.” (“TiK ToK,” “California Gurls,” “U + UR Hand,” “Hot N Cold”… the list goes on)

  • #1ke$hafan

    KE$HA ROCK$!!!!!!! haters can say what they want but she is here for good!! keep rocking ke$ha! your my fav singer!

  • Yacob Pribnobous

    Although the song is dedicated to gay teen suicides and the song has nothing to do with that subject except for maybe the title, that’s just another example of Ke$ha being totally random. Which in my opinion, is not a bad thing. She definitely keeps things interesting.

  • Fenners

    Sorry but that’s your opinion, if you don’t like someone don’t talk smack about them…isn’t that a form of bullying?

  • ldmama

    I think that in light of what Ke$ha said this song is for, we should take a step back and remember what being a teenager was all about–confusion, anger, and having fun. Perhaps to us “grown ups” the song lacks depth and meaning but something like this would have inspired me and my friends back in high school (it didn’t take much). Teenagers are feeling all kinds of emotions and have no real idea (for the most part) what those feelings mean or where they are coming from. All they know is that every feeling they have is very intense. Add to that the social pressures to be something that the majority can’t even define and you have a very dangerous mix. They are trying so hard to figure it out and just live.

    A song like this will give the geeks, homosexuals and fat kids the OK to just be…even if for only 3 minutes and 25 seconds. I don’t think young kids are analyzing whether the vocabulary in the lyrics is intellectually stimulating. They are most likely dancing like crazy monkeys and feeling invincible. I think the song is very catchy and I’m pleased to see that celebrities are trying to do something about what’s going on in our schools. I don’t think this song will save the world, but maybe it will put a smile on just a few kids’ faces. I think that’s pretty good.

    Bottom line, it’s a song. Ke$ha never set out to change the face of music, I think she’s just a young woman making fun music to dance to. This time, she just tried to help, and I think that’s awesome.

  • Jme†

    I heart me sum Kesh! Like no doubt she is the voice of our youth !!!
    Ke$ha kills these dances traxxx’s ugh cant wait for cannibal!!!!!!!
    NOV. 22 2010 GET IT!!!
    DJ TURN IT ^ !!!!!!!

  • mememe

    No, it’s not.

  • daniel

    i loooove Ke$ha

  • Smurf

    Yeah she is. No one seems to understand that I saw someone else post a comment about Ke$ha asking when her 15 minutes of fame was up? Wow people u don’t have to like her or listen to her music but I LOVE her!!(:

  • alexandra

    awesome song

  • Fain

    “DJ, turn it up!” asks Ke$ha

    “DJ, turn it up!” ASKS Ke$ha

    Seriously? Is our grammar that bad?

    • Becky Bain

      She’s asking the DJ to turn it up. I suppose you’d rather I used “demands Ke$ha” instead? I think we get the point of Ke$ha’s incredibly lyric either way.

  • TB

    Grammar Correction: “I wanted to inspire people to be themselves,” says K-Dolla, whom also uploaded her own video for the “It Gets Better” viral campaign.

    Whom is meant only to be used if the person is NOT the subject of the sentence. Example: To whom shall I give this form? Who wrote this, and for whom?

    Whom cannot be the subject of the sentence. It is an objective pronoun.

  • TB

    No seriously. There’s no excuse for bad grammar.

  • TB

    No, seriously. There’s no excuse for bad grammar.

  • Katelynn


  • leo

    omff you think all is about your sick fu**ed up Gentelman Gaga … sorry , Lady ? i can make the difference of a thing or person that have both sex …. K$ is UNIQUE …. and doesn’t have a penis x)

  • kesha

    Kesha might not sing the best but her songs are so freaking catchy.