T.I. And Chris Brown Try To “Get Back Up” On The Road To Redemption

Oct 16th, 2010 // 4 Comments

It’ll be at least 11 months until T.I. is back in the studio, but that doesn’t mean the ATL artist can’t have a hit or two in the meantime. His seventh studio album, the now-ironically-titled King Uncaged, will hopefully still be unleashed before T.I. is. Until then, the rapper leaves us “Get Back Up”, featuring his Takers co-star Chris Brown. Tip’s verses now sound sadly prophetic — it’s as if he somehow knew he might be heading back to prison. Listen here.

The smooth, apologetic track begins, “I’m only human,” and continues running with those themes of redemption and perseverance. T.I. sounds surprisingly humble here (at least by hip-hop standards), apologizing to fans and promising “I won’t take you down this road again.”

The singer, actor, producer, and lifesaver played hero earlier this week, talking a suicidal man down from the 22nd story of a building – just one day before being sentenced to 11 months in prison for violating probation. With that kind of action and drama in his life lately, perhaps it’s no wonder “Get Back Up” sounds as epic and morally complex as a Batman movie — that is, if the Dark Knight also had a beef with what haters said about him on Twitter.

After lending his vocals to Chris Brown’s “Deuces” remix, T.I. lets Brown return the favor here — appropriate, considering that Chris is still working on the fine art of “getting back up” after his flameout with Rihanna cost him the sympathy of virtually everyone in the entire world.

The well-timed release of “Get Back Up” could very well make this catchy tune a winner. It’s nice to see T.I. take ownership of his mistakes, while still making some pretty observant statements about judgment and hypocrisy. We have little doubt T.I. will be able to “get back up” after this latest run-in with the law — but, as Tip himself might have advised a would-be jumper on Thursday, perhaps it’s best not to fall in the first place.


  1. thirteenburn

    Amazing. Somehow, Idolator manages to come off apologetically for both of these pieces of human detritus.

    Sadly, and with the all too willing help of the press like Idolator, T.I. looks at this latest incarceration (and most definitely not the last) as giving him “street cred”, and we ALL know how “important” that is to hip-hop/rap “musicians” the world over (*enter sarcasm here)

    Equally as sad, Idolator refers to the SAVAGE BEATING Chris Brown gave to Rhianna as a relationship “flameout”.


    Whatever. It is my fervent hope – at least in the case of T.I. – that he and his career are long forgotten by the time he’s released. But hey, I’m sure that MTV will be calling to see about him doing another of their abjectly contrived “reality” shows when he does.

    As for Chris Brown, it’s all but over for him. But I’m sure that entities like Idolator are doing their best to try and resurect his career by giving him more and more “positive” publicity. In today’s society, long neutered by hyper-sensitive, uber-leftist, twisted and deluded ideologies disguised as political correctness, to do anything even REMOTELY close to holding someone responsible for their actions…uh…unless they’re White that is, will be deemed to be “mean-spiritied” and/or “racist”.

    Pathetic. Sad. But so very, VERY true.

    “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” – Joseph Goebbels – Propaganda Minister, SOCIALIST Nazi Party; 1939

  2. james

    Thirteenburn, bitter much?

    You write like you know both of them and that you can predict the future of their careers. Here is a hint: the career you said was over for Chris – he has a number 1 hit for 8 weeks now, plus he writes songs for himself and other artists. He will be here for awhile.

    And TIP will release his 7th studio album. 7! He’s not going anywhere. Now go back to whatever sad life you have. Are you seriously quoting Goebbels? And did you almost compare these two recording artist to the Nazis?

    What gives people the idea that they can be taken seriously by comparing anyone to a Nazi? Its disrespectful to actual Holocaust victims you prick!

    Unless Chris hit you or TI sold you drugs, get over yourself. Neither one of these millionaires care one iota about you, so let go of the hate.

  3. lynette

    @ james i could not have said it better!!! kudos to you homie!!

  4. lynette

    ti i wish you the best, @ breezy i see you, keep doing your thing!!

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