Lady Gaga Tweets Her Studio Sessions In Norway

Oct 18th, 2010 // 5 Comments

While in Oslo, Norway, Lady Gaga found some free time to hit up a recording studio with her “Dance In The Dark” producer Fernando Garibay, presumably to put some finishing touches on her upcoming third album Born This Way. “Miss you so little monsters. Been working so hard for you,” the powerfully entertaining singer tweeted October 15 while posting a pic of herself sitting at a piano, wearing a leather jacket and fishnets. “I can’t wait for u to hear the new music.” Head below to see another photo of Gaga making magic in the studio.

Lady Gaga Fernando Garibay Lady Born This Way Norway studioThis image, which Gaga tweeted on October 16, shows the singer in a rare dressed-down moment—a contrast to what we usually see—as she sits with lyric sheet in hand at the mixing desk in Oslo with Garibay. “I’m on a heater, but this record ain’t about poker,” Gaga tweeted.

Born This Way is due out at some point in 2011. (Cheer up, little monsters—that’s now less than three months away.) Lady Gaga announced the title of her forthcoming LP while accepting the MTV VMA for Video Of The Year last month, and later commented on the record, “I have never worked so hard on anything in my whole life. I mean, I want to sleep just thinking about it.”

  1. she should stick with red one. that other guy seems creepy.

  2. jon

    This chick is getting more and more pathetic as the clock ticks on. Whatever happen to the great artists of the 80 ‘s 90′s and even the beatles…amazing what rich parents and an obsession for fame can do….when we gonna get real artists and real music back in the music industry? Is this really our role model?? NOT.

  3. T

    She is sticking with RedOne. She’s worked with RedOne on several songs on the new album, but obviously not every song. This album is going to be EPIC.

  4. that creepy garibay dude looks like a grumpy old dog. garibay seems more like a red one and dr luke rip off to me.

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