Chris Brown’s “Yeah 3X” Single Cover Art Is A Scream

Oct 18th, 2010 // 8 Comments

Instead of the usual pouty look we get from Chris Brown when posing for his single sleeves, the hip-hop singer gets inspired by Anime for the cover art to “Yeah 3X“. This is certainly a step up from the last time Brown incorporated cartoons into his cover art, so we’ll give his latest try two “yeah”s out of a possible three. How about you?

  1. abc

    Its fun. He seems to love anime. He isn’t really a hip hop singer, more like a r&b/pop singer. the song is dope



  3. Trina Sweat

    Jump 3X

  4. Tracie

    I love it!! Everytime I hear it I dance! Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!

  5. SandeePB

    I love it :) Chris Brown is the BEST!

  6. Amanda

    Adorooo Elle CHRIS BROWN esse Clipee é Loko loko loko CB o Melhor.

  7. Annoyed

    I download one song for my girlfriend and I can’t get this woman hitting coward’s album cover off my window media player. I hope he dies a slow painful death and he rots in hell

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