Willow Smith Gets Whiplash In Her “Whip My Hair” Video

Willow Smith wears rhinestones on her lips, her manicured tips come with complete accessories, and her dreadlocks have the power to paint an entire room in the video for her raucous debut single, “Whip My Hair“. We really hope the 9-year old hip-pop phenom got a good neck message from her dad after the shoot, because damn does she give her vertebrae a workout in this video. Shake your head back and forth for some fierce fun below, kiddies!

Willow Smith — “Whip My Hair”

Much like our first reaction to the song, we’re surprised how much we like it. Still, it’s hard to compete with the Sesame Street mash-up version:

Willow sports several ‘dos in her debut video, from dreds to a Janelle Monae pompadour to a cotton candy-looking hairstyle that looks completely edible. But our favorite, without a doubt, is this logically impossible and brilliantly ridiculous look:

Picture 1
Move over, Bieber swoop and Snooki poof! Willow’s hair heart is the latest popular celebrity hair trend that’s just waiting to storm heads across the country.

Will and Jada’s fashion-forward daughter is obviously the fiercest pre-teen in existence, but watch out — we think we know who the next fresh-faced youth is going to be that will usurp Ms. Smith’s thunder! And that international superstar-to-be is this baby:

Picture 2

Somebody call L.A. Reid! And then child protective services immediately after.

  • Joshua

    I loved the song when I first heard it and now that the video is out I can’t stop whipping my hair…and I have no hair! This is such a feel good song! You can’t help but want to dance and whip your hair back and forth!

  • shadowsgirl252

    when i seen the video i was like omg!

  • shadowsgirl252

    that baby thats in there is so cute

  • gokusgirl252

    thats bad because they copyed her if they did that to me i would slap them or sue them

  • http://www.support4ict.com Herminia Dayhoff

    Long time viewer / 1st time poster. Really enjoying reading the blog, keep up the good work. Will most definitely start posting more oftenin the future.

  • http://google.com artexis

    awsome song willow i just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!