Sky Ferreira Is “Untouchable” On Her New Track

Oct 18th, 2010 // 2 Comments
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“I’m the hot chick,” Sky Ferreira coos in “Untouchable”, one of the handful of new tracks to surface this week. The singer, who is recuperating after being blown away by Willow Smith’s new video, reportedly wrote this track for Miley Cyrus’s Can’t Be Tamed LP, but Miley turned it down. Is Miley’s loss Sky’s gain? Hear it below.

This mellow synth-assisted track is a slow burner, but it still carries a cool vibe.

It’s interesting that this track was allegedly penned for Miley, and Sky’s other song “Elevator” is rumored to be written for Britney Spears, as we think “Untouchable” (which may as well be called “I’m The Hot Chick” as it’s repeated throughout the whole song) sounds much more Britney than Miley.

What say you, folks? Is this a hit for Sky, or should Miley (or even Britney) have recorded it instead?

  1. It does sound more like a britney than a miley song.

  2. it looks like britney

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