Greyson Chance Unveils Cover Of His Debut Single “Waiting Outside The Lines”

Ellen DeGeneres’ music protege Greyson Chance is busy recording his debut album, and today the talk show host posted video of the 13-year-old from Oklahoma in the studio laying down vocals. “This is ‘Stars,’ but we kind of have a beat to it,” Greyson says in the clip. “So we’re just going to experiment a little bit.” Watch Greyson cutting his new track and have a look at the cover of his first single below.

While recording piano ballad “Stars,” Greyson says, “Recently I’ve started writing. Usually it’s music first and then I come with the lyrics. But sometimes it’s different, where I just have something in my head and I work on it.”

Here’s the cover for Greyson’s debut single “Waiting Outside The Lines,” which he’s set to perform live on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on October 26:

Waiting Outside The Lines Greyson ChanceDo you like what you’ve heard so far from Lady Gaga’s tween pal Greyson?