Travie McCoy Travels To Chinatown In His “Need You” Video

Travie McCoy spends a lonely evening hanging around with Chinese acrobats and dragons in his latest video, “Need You”, from his debut solo album Lazarus. The beautiful lantern-lit vid was shot by Luga Bodesta in downtown Los Angeles and features the “Billionaire” singer pining for a woman who keeps disappearing. Ah, forget about it, Travie, it’s Chinatown. Jump below for the clip!

Travie McCoy – “Need You”

Travie, who recently performed his new single on The Tonight Show with his Decaydance buddy Patrick Stump, spoke to MTV about shooting the video. “I’d equate it to, kind of like Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ video,” he said. “You know, I’m kind of pursuing this chick. But, take out Michael Jackson and add Shrek. In Chinatown.”

Aw, Travie, you’re no Shrek! We doubt Princess Fiona would ever trash Shrek in a bitter pop song.

McCoy also discussed how uncomfortable (and nearly impossible) it can be trying to perform under bucketloads of fake rain pouring down on you. “It was about 6 in the morning, it was freezing, and we had to do it about three times, and I was soaking wet in this fake rain,” he laughed. “I had this in-ear monitor that was wireless, and it was getting wet and shorting out, so there’s a part where I couldn’t hear the words, and I probably was pretty close to getting electrocuted, but, overall, it was a fun time, man.”