Taylor Swift Pokes Fun Of Herself In Her ‘Speak Now’ Target Ad

Taylor Swift’s confessional Speak Now drops in stores today, and in the Target ad promoting the deluxe version of her album, Swift shows off her sense of humor as well as her new tunes. She may get a bad rep when it comes to acting (need we remind you of Valentine’s Day), but she strikes comedy gold while wearing an assortment of hilarious ensembles. Who knew someone so glamorous could play goofy so well? Watch her self-deprecating Target ad below.

We love that Taylor has a sense of humor about herself — and as chic as she looks as a French poet in this sophisticated get-up, Swift is equally game to slap on some fake teeth and braces:

Picture 4

And who is rumored to be the latest man courting this stunning beauty? None other than Donnie Darko. You better behave yourself, Jake, or Taylor’s fourth album will be all about you.

Did you pick up Taylor’s new album today? Or were you still too caught up from the weekend pondering the deep meaning behind Kanye’s Runaway movie?