Adam Lambert Announces Acoustic Album During Australian Interview

Each time we receive a dispatch from Adam Lambert’s exploits Down Under, it gets more and more exciting! Last week the Glam One turned out a lively performance on The X Factor just ahead of the start of the Australian leg of his Glam Nation tour, and now he just announced plans for the release of an acoustic album by the holidays. Watch his interview with Dylan Lewis below! After telling Glambert that his album For Your Entertainment is “magnif,” Dylan got the energetic pop-rocker to spill details on what material he’s got in the works.

“I’d love to sing with Christina Aguilera,” Adam revealed during the sitdown, when talking about what collaborations he’d like to do in the future. “That would be a real big treat. I mean her voice is power.”

Lambert goes on to say he put the idea out there to Aguilera, but doesn’t elaborate through which channels. “She may have received the message. I have yet to meet her face to face,” he said.

He then explains that while his next studio album is still only being “thought about” and is “bubbling to the surface,” though he’s hoping it will be out by spring or summer 2011.

Then comes news of his acoustic album. “I don’t have an exact release date,” Adam says. “Probably around Thanksgiving time—November, December. We went around Europe in the earlier part of this year, and here [in Australia], and we did a lot of promo. And so I had Monty, my guitar player, and my drummer at the time—and we just did very stripped-back versions of the songs… and then we also recorded some of the actual stuff from the Glam Nation tour. So it’s going to be a mix of both.”

Here’s more from Lewis’ interview with Adam Lambert:

What do you say, Glamazons—are you excited for Adam’s stripped-down set?

[Via Billboard]