Katy Perry Has A Real Blast In Her “Firework” Video

Recently Katy Perry spoke about “Firework,” the third single off her Teenage Dream album. “People are coming back and almost adopting it as their own anthem, and it’s hard, I think, to write an anthem that’s not cheesy,” she said. And to add to the uplifting Stargate-produced jam’s anthemic qualities, Perry today premiered the song’s sparkly, over-the-top video, which features her shooting (what else?) fireworks out of her boobs while troubled youths literally see the light.

Newlywed Perry’s breasts have been the subject of much controversy lately, and she makes good use of them via a full-on pyrotechnic display in the “Firework” video.

The clip starts with Mrs. Russell Brand standing atop a building in Budapest, Hungary, sending positive vibes out into the universe, where they’re received by a young cancer patient, an “overweight” girl sitting out a pool party while her friends splash around, a young man about to be mugged and another guy who has a crush on a male friend.

Eventually the youngsters all overcome the shackles of their individual circumstances and join Katy for a giant outdoor celebration, where they all blast fireworks into the night sky.


We’ll hand it to Katy. “Firework” is a highly entertaining video that puts the focus on a larger overall theme rather than the singer herself—even if she is borrowing from Lady Gaga’s fire bra schtick a bit here.

  • thumper

    wow love it!

  • ZMH

    the most fascinating thing about ms perry is that she always has perfect uses for her boobs. having that said it’s a nice video for a nice song.

  • CCC

    I thought that at first too, but I believe it’s just meant to be coming from her chest, aka, her heart. Some other people in the video have the same thing at times as wlel,

  • Moné

    I agree with CCC.
    I love the video! Didn’t realize what the song was about until now…haha